Monday, October 26, 2015


 Beautiful cake.
 Exchanging rings.
 Mothers carried sand in.
 Groom and best man.
 Groomsman and maid of honor
 Official best man and matron of honor
 First dance
 Pouring the sand

 First kiss
 Mother of groom dance
Father and son discuss things before wedding

Pictures not in order.

Beautiful day.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wedding day

Joseph Daniel... born 2/24/ getting married today... my oldest but still my baby... so proud of the man he has become....

Stop by tomorrow for wedding pictures....

Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's too small.....

So I finished sewing my dress last night.... so proud of myself... I put it on..... and it is tight I couldn't sit down comfortably in it.   I am so disappointed. The dress looks amazing ..the fabric worked great with the pattern... I was very careful when sewing it.... but IT'S STILL TOO SMALL.

So what now????  Well first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to go to Joanne Fabric and see if they have any more of the fabric.... if they do, I'm going to get another couple yards and come home and see if I can tear the dress apart and  remake it but enlarge the pattern .
If they don't have the fabric, I'm going to get something else and make the same pattern only bigger....


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Wednesday before...

Three days until the wedding...... I'm ready... to my knowledge I don't have any thing to do except show up for rehearsal Friday evening and the wedding Saturday afternoon.

Today, well I'm feeling better... UTI is clearing up ..thank goodness. I hope to sew some today... baby quilt #1... for soon to be great grandbabies....  no pictures yet. But soon.

I haven't knitted much more on stocking #3... still on foot ... I could finish it in an hour or so.... just haven't had the mojo....

Some days are just blah.... no mojo for anything.... do you have days like this? If so how do you get over them ? Do you just push through them ??

Any advice is welcome!!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Wedding week.....

It's finally here..... Wedding week. Next  Saturday night, October 24th, is my sons wedding. So needless to say, there's a lot going on here this week. First and foremost is to finish my dress....yes you read that right,...I am the mother of the groom...and my dress isn't done yet. Am I just or what???

I looked and looked for a dress that I liked... but didn't want to pay boo koo bucks for one.... couldn't find one I liked that looked good on my ....well let's just robust ....body. ( yes I had planned to lose weight and be thin for the wedding...but that didn't happen) ... so I decided to make my dress..... and typically me.... procrastinated..until now... the week of the wedding....yep I'm a bit nuts..... ok just say it cause I know you are thinking it... I'm crazy.... I will show some pictures after the wedding.

Until next time....

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Fall Ya'll......

It's a beautiful fall day here in Central Indiana. Fall is my favorite time of the year.  While out doing some nursing home visits today I saw these beautiful mums.... aren't they just stunning?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back to reality

So vacation is over... had a absolutely wonderful time with my mother, sister, and nieces.. Perfect weather, great location, great company and wonderful memories made.  Then there was today....

Well, let me back up... last Saturday i got a text message from a friend which told me that a dear sweet friend was put into a local nursing home because she has stage four cancer. I hurried over to see her, Linda is her name. I was totally shocked when I saw her. She looked really bad.

Linda and I haven't really known each other for very long, maybe 3 years but we have become very close. She is older than I am, so she became like a second mother to me. Honestly I could talk to her about things that I couldn't talk to my real mother about. She helped me through some rough times. I have grown to love her very deeply.

So today I went to see her again. Boy was it hard to see her so weak and in bed. What a way to get back to reality ....

I hate it. Truly, honestly, deeply hate it with my whole being. Why can't a cure be found? How can modern medicine be so advanced but no cure for cancer be found?? How many great people must die before a cure is found? And why does Linda have to be one of them?

I know I can't be that only person who feels this way..... cancer has touched so many lives.... ruined families, orphaned children, widowed spouses, etc. I don't hate things,,,I don't believe in hating things.... but cancer....I hate.

Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm terrible

Why do I keep this blog open when it's obvious that it is not a priority in my life.... because if it was, I would be writing more, posting more, being involved more with it..

High hopes... that is what I have. I know you have heard all of this before... how I'm going to do better blah blah blah.....

So how do you stay n focus?? Seriously I want to know. Is it a daily planner that helps... to do don't list .... the timer method.... help me out here people... tell me your secrets.....

Let's see this week I've babysat 2 days for my granddaughter.... went grocery shopping, went to knit group, and spent time sewing and knitting .... but what I haven't done is.... cleaned house.. ( actually I have done a bit this morning but honestly I'm not getting much done ) ... went to visit my aunt in nursing home.... went to check on a friend who isn't feeling well...... did not go to another friends to watch shows after she kindly invited me.... and the list of didn't do /haven't done goes on and on....

Why?? Am I lazy ?? Yes I am...I admit it. Do I sit in my recliner way too much..yes I do.

Like today.... I've been piddling and doing odds and ends around the house... but honestly I'm having to totally force myself to do it... I'm being totally honest here.. my body wants me to go lay across the bed and take a nap.  But of course if I would do that... I'd be farther behind on everything.

Time management is that the key... getting to bed earlier.... I'm sure that would help too.  

HELP ...