Sunday, November 1, 2015

Moving Forward

So October is gone. It was a very emotional month for me. A wedding and two funerals...

BUT... as someone said recently,... all of that stuff is in the PAST ... and I'm not moving that way....I'm moving FORWARD..

 I have wonderful memories of the wedding and are looking forward to many years with my new daughter in law.

I have cherished memories of my two friends who are now resting in God's arms... but I know neither of them would want me to mourn them.. they would want me to smile, laugh, and move on enjoying life.

So that is my plans.   Starting with a new job.. Wednesday will be my first day of work at the local Carson's store. I will be working in the mens wear department. I'm excited but also a bit hesitant. I haven't worked out side of the home for a few years.. and honestly I've enjoyed being able to do things without worrying about keeping a schedule... kind of flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak.  But it will be nice to have my own money again !!!!!

So today, the first day of November 2015, I'm grateful for new beginnings... for moving forward...

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