Friday, January 23, 2015

Had to get old Trusty out.

I've had sewing machine trouble...... my hubby bought me a new Singer for Christmas. I've worked with it the last three days and just could not get it going. So yesterday I called the Singer Sewing Company and talked to a really sweet gal named LouAnne. She had me preform a couple a test on it. No luck it still would not sew. So today I packed it up and mailed it to their customer affairs department. They are supposed to send me a replacement of equal or greater value. 

So today I got my old trusty Brother machine out and set it up again. 

I finished my January Block of the Month that I'm doing from the Pat Sloan website. 

 I also sewed up three blocks for my local quilt guild, that will be put together with other members blocks and the donated to the local domestic violence shelter.

Hope you all have a great weekend !!

Until next time, 


The1964mary said...

You have been busy !

Sue Burkitt said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! I hope to sew more tomorrow if old trusty stays running ok. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Melissa Corry said...

Hi Sue, So fun that you started a blog ;) You are so going to enjoy it ;) Just fyi, you are a no-reply blogger so when you comment on other blogs people can't respond to you ;)

Sue Burkitt said...

Thanks . How do I change it ?