Monday, June 1, 2015

Day one......again.

So after I wrote the post yesterday, I decided....what the heck....I'm going to do it.....meaning I was going to give my January goals another go.... so I went and dug out the journal I was using....and yes it had dust on it..... and I flipped through it..... wow did I ever have some  extremely ambitious goals for 2015.... no wonder I failed.... so after reflecting on it some I decided maybe I should set smaller goals... so I decided to try weekly goals.. so I sat down and wrote up my goals for the week of June 1st:

 1.  Finish chair cushions
 2.  Order yarn to finish baby blanket
 3.  Clean bedroom
 4.  Update bullet journal
 5.  Finish pink baby vest
 6.  Go to knitting group Tuesday night
 7.  Go to sewing group Monday night
 8.  Go to church group Wednesday night
 9.  Cast on baby booties
10. Finish first green sock. Cast on 2nd on.
11. Machine quilt baby quilt.
12. Post in blog at least 4 times (3 plus this one)

So whatcha think ...can I do it ??? Do you have goals for this upcoming week?? What are they?

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