Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back to reality

So vacation is over... had a absolutely wonderful time with my mother, sister, and nieces.. Perfect weather, great location, great company and wonderful memories made.  Then there was today....

Well, let me back up... last Saturday i got a text message from a friend which told me that a dear sweet friend was put into a local nursing home because she has stage four cancer. I hurried over to see her, Linda is her name. I was totally shocked when I saw her. She looked really bad.

Linda and I haven't really known each other for very long, maybe 3 years but we have become very close. She is older than I am, so she became like a second mother to me. Honestly I could talk to her about things that I couldn't talk to my real mother about. She helped me through some rough times. I have grown to love her very deeply.

So today I went to see her again. Boy was it hard to see her so weak and in bed. What a way to get back to reality ....

I hate it. Truly, honestly, deeply hate it with my whole being. Why can't a cure be found? How can modern medicine be so advanced but no cure for cancer be found?? How many great people must die before a cure is found? And why does Linda have to be one of them?

I know I can't be that only person who feels this way..... cancer has touched so many lives.... ruined families, orphaned children, widowed spouses, etc. I don't hate things,,,I don't believe in hating things.... but cancer....I hate.

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